Vote For Mother Earth

We all have differences of opinions, get our news from different sources and have different beliefs, that’s what makes this crazy world interesting to say the least. Some might think there’s no clear choice in our upcoming election or my vote doesn’t count. I very much hope this is not the case, but if so I have to argue there is a clear choice in so so many ways. I am only going to name one, our planet. These candidates might not be exactly who you wanted or imagined, (what ever is?) but please vote, however difficult it might get, vote for the party who believes in climate change and prioritizes our earth. Our planet cannot take four more years of the current political climate and honestly

West Coast Collectors

Beach clean up 8.2020 check! Thank you to my friends who joined, especially the doggies who helped point out pieces of trash to us :) We left with full bags. Our team slogan was "havin a bash pickin up your trash," haha, and we did. Outside clean ups are a great activity to do during COVID. The outdoors, doing something good for the earth and being around friends feels so great. A good activity to do with kids too, to teach them about sustainability, our earth and how they can help! To keep young kids safe, best to have them be helpers and point out trash to an adult. They have good eyes! Here are a couple pics as promised. I hope this inspires you to do a clean up too and remember to pack y

Plastic Hunt

Hi! I am organizing a beach clean up tomorrow at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. I do this all the time by myself, BUT this time was inspired by a wonderful group called Plastic Hunt. They promote worldwide nature and beach clean up events. I love that they're creating a global community to clean up! They include chalenges like "what's the strangest, craziest object you found during your clean up?" and "best team name." One is to create a piece of art with our know I'm on top of that ;) My team's name is West Coast Collectors. Do you want to join? I will provide bags and latex gloves (please bring work gloves if you have them). It's been chilly out lately so layer up. Please b

The Beginning...

HELLO! I decided to start a blog on my site so I could write about random things, share and learn, let you know about new art releases + pieces and connect with you :)

All photos + art copyrighted by Dyanna Dimick