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Dyanna Dimick explores the human relationship with the natural world.

Dyanna perpetually collects materials for tools and inspiration. She selects specific materials for their initial color, texture or shape. The act of collecting keeps her attuned to her direct environment. Dyanna challenges her own consumption habits through the reuse of goods that already exist. An ecological consciousness lies close to her heart.

Items we overlook like sun-bleached plastic and vintage paper- these are the foundation for Dyanna's work, whether they make it into the finished piece or not. The materials used are a snapshot of her current surroundings and time. The artist keeps a balance between a pleasant abstract aesthetic with muted natural colors and less refined materials. Man made materials invade our landscapes, it invades her work in the same way. 

Dyanna’s language of carefully selected materials and natural elements aims to connect us to our environment. Her signature lexicon of saw blade waves represent the relationship between the harshness of the industrial and organic softness of the natural world. Water symbolizes hope in a land of drought and fire. The unnatural materials represent the complexity of humanity.


​By adding playful colors, shapes and elements, Dyanna hopes to make issues we obsess over, don't want to face or feel overwhelmed by, such as the climate crisis, vanity, race and societal formed norms, more digestible.


2021     Float, Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2020     Weight, Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2019     POP, The Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              Whose House, Avenue, San Francisco, CA

2017     Becoming The Beach, The Great Highway Gallery, San                                         Francisco, CA

              Vanity ll, The Laundry, San Francisco, CA




2021     In Balance, Heron Arts, San Francisco, CA

              Robo Art, i.d.e.a Museum, Mesa, AZ

              Altered and Reimagined, Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, CA

              Earth Action Initiative, UC Berkeley, CA

2020     Fragments ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              Future Tense, Drawing Room SF, San Francisco, CA

              Root Division’s Annual Art Auction, Root Division, San Francisco, CA

              Earth Action, UC Berkeley Campus, Pauley Ballroom, Berkeley, CA

              Snap, ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2019     Vol. 14 Sketchbooks, The General By Vans, Brooklyn, NY

              Vol. 14 California Sketchbooks, Los Angeles, CA The Other Art Fair

              Vol. 14 Sketchbooks, San Francisco Center For The Book, San                             Francisco, CA

2018     100 Under 100, Fleet Wood, San Francisco, CA

              Urban Edge, Avenue12Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              eARTh, Senator Scott Wiener's Office, San Francisco, CA

              Which Way Is Up, 1015 Castro St. San Francisco, CA

              Nite Life, Senator Scott Wiener's Office, San Francisco, CA

              Into The Wild, Art Attack SF, San Francisco, CA

2017     Fall Hub Show, The Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              Fall Hub Show, Art Attack SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA



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2016     Fall OS Show, Joy Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2015     Lost+Found, Dogpatch Studios, San Francisco, CA

              Listen, Sundance Kabuki, San Francisco, CA

              Found, Storefront Gallery, 49 Geary, San Francisco, CA

2004     Vanity, Sesnon Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA

              William Hyde and Susan Benteen Irwin Grant



             Spring Show, Back To The Picture Gallery, San Francisco, CA

             3990 Folsom Street, Residence designed by Christopher Haas of                       de Young, San Francisco, CA

              Message In A Bottle, by Park Life, Surfrider Foundation and                               Busvan, Busvan, San Francisco, CA

              You Have A Voice, 3rd Street Village Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2016     Fall OS Exhibition, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              ArtLaunch, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA

              The Art Of Drought, Art Share L.A., Perimeter Gallery, Los Angeles,                   CA

2015     SFADA First Thursdays, Storefront HQ Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2014     Artisan Series Regional Final, RUSH Philanthropic Arts                                           Foundation, Betti Ono Gallery, Oakland, CA         

2013     Bases Product Showcase, ArtTwo50, Stanford University, Palo Alto,                   CA

2011     Art Show 2011 Mr. Brainwash, Los Angeles, CA

2010     Peace Project, Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA

              Peace Project, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

              Peace Project, Max Lange Gallery, New York, NY

              Artists for Ethiopia, Oakland, CA

2008     Completely Neutral Tree Sale, Gallery 1927, Los Angeles, CA

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Amelie Maison D'Art, Paris

Artly Owl, San Francisco

Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco

Curated State, San Francisco

Galerie Philia, New York/Singapore/Switzerland 

The Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco

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