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Plastic Hunt

Hi! I am organizing a beach clean up tomorrow at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. I do this all the time by myself, BUT this time was inspired by a wonderful group called Plastic Hunt. They promote worldwide nature and beach clean up events. I love that they're creating a global community to clean up! They include chalenges like "what's the strangest, craziest object you found during your clean up?" and "best team name." One is to create a piece of art with our know I'm on top of that ;) My team's name is West Coast Collectors. Do you want to join? I will provide bags and latex gloves (please bring work gloves if you have them). It's been chilly out lately so layer up. Please bring a mask too! If you would like to join us, meet at stairwell #9 at 4:30pm, tomorrow, August 10th. See you there!

p.s. I will post photos of the day and our findings, check back in if you're into it!

For future events, donating and info about Plastic Hunt please visit their site here.


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