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Vote For Mother Earth

We all have differences of opinions, get our news from different sources and have different beliefs, that’s what makes this crazy world interesting to say the least. Some might think there’s no clear choice in our upcoming election or my vote doesn’t count. I very much hope this is not the case, but if so I have to argue there is a clear choice in so so many ways. I am only going to name one, our planet. These candidates might not be exactly who you wanted or imagined, (what ever is?) but please vote, however difficult it might get, vote for the party who believes in climate change and prioritizes our earth. Our planet cannot take four more years of the current political climate and honestly, neither can I. Click here for a short read on where Biden and Kamala stand on climate change. While you’re there, Greenmatters (green lifestyle and media company) has lots of articles about sustainability and innovation to read.

Remember small actions can make a big difference!


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